Giving Back

School Donations

After every performance the Upstage Players donate money to the Upsala Area Schools to be used in their various arts related programs. This is done partially to thank the school for letting the Upstage Players use the auditorium space for their performances. Over $4000 has been given to date to groups including band, choir, visual arts, drama and dance.


The Upstage Arts Board also makes available a $300 scholarship to graduating seniors from Upsala High School who are interested in pursuing an arts-related education. Winners of this scholarship have expressed a desire for further education in fields such as photography, fashion design and graphic arts.

Scholarship Winners:

  • 2020: No Award
  • 2019
  • 2018: Stefani Pohlmann
  • 2017: No Award
  • 2016: No Award
  • 2015: Danica Cheney
  • 2014: Josiah Lojovich
  • 2013: Matthew Abeler
  • 2012: Maria Vos
  • 2011: Amy Lanners
  • 2010: Amanda Frieler
  • 2009: Nadja Jorgenson
  • 2008: Neenah Funk
  • 2007: Jenna Eggerth