Little Mermaid Cast List

Little Mermaid Cast

Here is the cast list for the summer 2017 production of "The Little Mermaid." As we've said before these decisions are always difficult, but we are very excited about the level of talent participating in this show. Every scene from beginning to end has the potential to be great.

NOTE: Almost everyone will be participating in "Under The Sea" and "Kiss The Girl" in some way, and there will certainly be opportunities for added responsibilities in other scenes as we go. Everyone should be in a minimum of three scenes. People with an (*) by their name have multiple parts.

The read through will be Thursday, May 25 at 7:00pm. Scripts and an initial rehearsal schedule will be distributed then. Everyone is welcome at the read through, but sea creatures, sailors, chefs and maids are not required to be there.

Ariel Stephanita ZumBerge  
Eric Alex Thoms-Warzecha  
Sebastian Melanie Cimenski  
Ursula Denise Cheney  
King Triton Ben Blonigen  
Flounder Molly Presler  
Scuttle Arlene Warga  
Grimsby Greg Cimenski  
Flotsam Madeline Wright  
Jetsam Kennedy Allen  
Atina Samantha Blonigen  
Aquata Bethany Cimenski  
Allana Jessica Eberhardt  
Arista Audrey Thomas  
Adella Emma Thoms-Warzecha  
Andrina Natalicia ZumBerge  
Chef Louis Benny Thoms-Warzecha*  
Pilot Ben Borash  
Princess 2 Corinna Brose*  
Princess 1 Missy Magbutay  
Princess 4 Bella Czeck*  
Princess 6 Grace Gall  
Princess 3 Angela Wright*  
Princess 5 Rachael Buckallew*  
Windward Cari Simon  
Leeward Hailey Cimenski  

Christopher Borash*, Manny Pedersen, Braeden Rene, Brenden Rierson, Will Riitters*, Benny Thoms-Warzecha*, Brandon Young*

Gulls Rachael Buckallew*, Benny Thoms-Warzecha*, Will Riitters*  
Maids Chantelle Frie, Bella Czeck*, Kari Meek, Jan Thoms  
Chefs Christopher Borash*, Corinna Brose*, Emily Ferguson, Olivia Hollermann, 
Olivia Peterson, Will Riitters*, Angela Wright*, Brandon Young*
Sea Creatures Anna Blonigen, Colten Cimenski, Jacob Lezer, Hannah Luedtke,
Brooke Meek, Emma Scepaniak, Isabelle Segler, Rebeka Snedker

* multiple parts



We need some of you to help find some basic costume items on your own. Look below to see what we are asking you to find. If you have questions or concerns please talk with Chantelle or Dan.

Scuttle & Gulls: White long-sleeved shirt, white or gray shorts (short). No shoes.
Maids: Long-sleeved dark solid color shirt, long black skirt. Black flats.
Princesses: Ballet flats, any color.
Sailors: Long white socks and khaki pants. Black shoes, loafer type preferred.
Eels: All black - leggings, long-sleeved shirt, gloves.
Chefs: Black pants, white button-up shirt. Black shoes.
Windward & Leeward: Neutral light-colored leggings and shirt.
Flounder: Blue leggings, blue long-sleeved shirt.
Sea Creatures/Under the Sea Participants: White tank top or undershirt, appropriate undergarments.