Bingo Spells Murder Auditions November 13!

Auditions for the dinner theatre production of Bingo Spells Murder by Robert Mattson will be held on November 13 at 7:00 p.m. in the dinning hall of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Upsala. 

Father O'Sullivan is desperate. But who wouldn't be? The bank is about to foreclose on his church buildings and orphanage. He's got young people struggling with questions of love, developers struggling to turn the house of God into the Condos of God, a gangster struggling with the English language and a bookkeeper who's just a struggle for everyone. Plus, he's hosting a Bingo night as a last chance to raise enough money to get himself out of this mess. So, what happens when someone ends up dead and the money is stolen? (Insert from Eldridge Plays & Musicals).

Join us for auditions to find out! Production dates are January 12-14.Ticket information for the dinner theatre and show & dessert presentation will be sent at a later date.

We hope to see you on November 13 for auditions.