Brigadoon July 22-25!

Upstage Junior Moana Cast List!

All students will be in multiple scenes and additional scenes will be assigned as camp begins.
Don't forget the first camp workshop is Wednesday, June 22 from 9-4!


The audition dance routine will be taught at auditions, but if you'd like to be familiar with it you can see it at:
To access all pertinent information regarding Brigadoon check out our earlier articles or visit:
We hope you join us for this musical classic!

Brigadoon Auditions May 9!

The Upstage Players Board is hosting auditions for its 2022 summer community theatre production, Brigadoon. Auditions will be held in the auditorium at the Upsala High School on Monday, May 9 from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. (Actors are allowed to leave after their audition instead of remaining the entire time, but plan to arrive with enough time to fill out the audition form.) If you had been planning to audition, but can’t make that audition date work, please email Melanie at to see if something can be worked out.

Brigadoon Dramatis Personae

The dramatis personae is in the attached file below.

Brigadoon Monologues

The monologue options for Brigadoon auditions are in the attached file. It is not necessary to memorize a monologue, but actors should be familiar enough with a monologue to perform it.

Meet the Cast of Wine, Cheese and Murder

Leonice has been the president of the Upstage Arts Board since 2009; but has been a board member since 2004. She can be found on stage, backstage or directing. She enjoys all facets of theatre and can't choose which she enjoys most. She is directing Wine, Cheese and Murder and finds directing a dinner theatre has its own nuances and is thankful for such a talented cast!

Meet the Cast of Wine, Cheese and Murder

Larry was most recently seen in Murder May I? as Peter Jeter. He plays the role of Stilton Muenster in Wine, Cheese and Murder. Stilton is a grape short of a bunch, but is the limited intellect just an act?

Meet the Cast of Wine, Cheese and Murder

Melanie has been active with the Upstage summer musicals since her debut in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in 2011. Wine, Cheese and Murder is her second Upstage winter show. She is Chardonnay Boudreaux, co-owner of the Boudreaux Sisters Winery, who is introducing their new cabernet sauvignon. She hopes to buy out her sister Brie so that she can own the winery exclusively; but will the wine do as well as she hopes?

Meet the Cast of Wine, Cheese and Murder

Jeff is Bea Jolie in Wine, Cheese and Murder. Beau is a wine connoisseur who thinks very highly of himself. Will that conceit lead to issues at the Boudreaux Sister's wine tasting?


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